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EDuQ8 is collaborating with some of the world's leading Educators & Designers as well as local NGO’s and Universities to design and develop Transformative Learning Environments & Villages that will uplift disadvantaged communities in Southern Africa

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Education Crisis

EDuQ8 - South Africa’s Education Crisis

EDuQ8 researched, filmed and produced this powerful documentary in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.
It has been presented to educators and leaders globally

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Third Teacher Plus

EDuQ8 - The Third Teacher + Design Principles

See how the very best of 21st Century schools
are being designed

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Red Tie Guy

EDuQ8 - ‘RED TIE GUY’ charms the Obamas...
and Queenstown

EDuQ8 flew the ‘RED TIE GUY’ to Queenstown in 2011
to film his amazing story and dream

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I Have A Dream

EDuQ8 - Michelle Obama’s ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ challenge

EDuQ8 flew the winner to Queenstown and filmed
her powerful delivery to thousands of learners
from Queen’s College and GHS

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Designing STEM

EDuQ8 - Designing STEM Academies for Africa

Globally renowned educator - Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall
has teamed up with EDuQ8 to tackle South Africa’s
serious deficit in Maths and Science Education

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Cape Academy of Maths, Science and Technology

EDuQ8 - Cape Academy of Maths, Science & Technology

Enhancing Science and Mathematics in Africa

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Designing Prototype Schools

EDuQ8 - Designing Protoype Schools and         Transformative Learning Environments for the Future...

The Creation of a unique ‘African Education Ecology’

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Franschhoek Valley

EDuQ8 - Franschhoek Valley

EDuQ8 is working with Educational Institutions and
NGO’s to enhance schools in the Valley

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